White Pine County

Area Information

White Pine County’s high desert climate is characterized by sunny, clear days, low humidity, and a wide variation between night and day time temperatures. Its weather is a result of its elevation, the night time radiation, cold air drainage from the mountain slopes, and western storm patterns.

Summer daytime temperatures center around 85 to 90 degrees and drop to 40 to 45 at night.

Winter temperatures usually range from 30 to 40 degrees during the day to 10 to 20 degrees at night with night time temperatures occasionally dropping below 0. Ely’s growing season (consecutive frost free days) is 70 to 90 days while in some lower elevation areas in the county, may be extended to 120 days.

Annual precipitation averages 10.1 inches per year with mountainous areas recording 12 to 22 inches per year. Annual snowfall in the mountains averages 50 inches per year with the heaviest snowfall from January through March. Because of the altitude, the area’s snowfall is extremely dry, usually taking 20 inches of snow to equal one inch of water (twice the normal level). The County records an average of 200 to 220 clear days per year. Prevailing winds are south/southwest and average 10.1 miles per hour.

County-wide Population

Since the 1800’s the County’s population reflected the boom bust cycle of the mining industry. As early as 1868, the population was 10,000 in Hamilton alone. Throughout the 19th Century, gold and silver camps flourished and then became ghost towns overnight. From 1900 to 1910 the opening of the copper mines caused a 279 percent increase in population. The County’s
population reached a peak of 12, 377 in 1940. All though mining is still a major contributor to our economy, other industries such as Tourism, Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Department of Forestry and the Nevada State Prison have provided a stable work force for our County.

Recent County-Wide Population:
2016: 10,030
2015: 9,811
2014: 10,218
2013: 10,023
2012: 9,967


Employment services are provided through the Nevada State Department of Employment and Job Opportunities in Nevada. (Information as of Oct. 2016)

Labor force: 4,353
Unemployment rate: 4.3%
Median household income: $57,243
(69% increase from 2004)

White Pine County’s primary sectors are mining, service/trade (tourism related businesses), and government including Bureau or Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Ely Conservation Camp, and the Nevada State Department of Prisons.


White Pine County has a wide range of housing available for new and existing residents. Housing and residential building lots are mostly located in Ely, Ruth and McGill with some residential properties in the outlying areas such as Lund, Preston and Baker.

There are several lenders and unique loan programs that cater specifically to rural Nevada areas such as White Pine County.

Average home prices in White Pine County:
2016 = $134,148
2015 = $126,592
2014 = $126,956
2013 = $117,216
2012 = $107,438

There is also an adequate amount of rental properties available in the area. Rental rates average $500 to $1200 per month.


White Pine County’s business community makes a full range of products and services available for the county’s residents. Local stores are known for their home town, friendly atmosphere and willingness to go the extra mile to help a customer.


newspaper – Ely Daily Times, 5-days/week
2 radio stations – KDSS, KCLS, 7 days/week
Salt Lake City, UT – ABC, NBC, CBS
Las Vegas, NV – NBC, CBS, (channel 13 educational)
Reno, NV – ABC, CBS
cable television – Ely, McGill, Ruth, NV
1 Western Union Office

Energy Sources - Utilities

Mt. Wheeler Power, Inc. is a cooperative electric utility owned by its members.  It is a member of a nationwide network of Rural Electric Cooperatives organized by the Rural Electrification Administration since it originated in 1935. Other
energy sources include: propane, fuel oil, and coal.



Mt. Wheeler Power
1600 Great Basin Blvd.,Ely, NV
(775) 289-8981

Suburban Propane
1700 E. Aultman Street, Ely, NV
(775) 289-2901

Thomas Petroleum

City of Ely
480 Campton Street, Ely, NV

McGill-Ruth Water and Sewer District
29 Forth Street, McGill, NV
(775) 235-7701

Medical and Social Community Services

William Bee Ririe Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic 24-hour Emergency care

5 – Family physicians
5 – General surgeons
2 – Internal Medicine Physicians
1 – Urologist
3 – Orthopedic Surgeons
1 – Dermatologist
1 – Pathologist
3 – Physical therapist
1 – Chiropractor
3 – Dentists
1 – Optometrists
2 – OB/GYN
1 – Podiatrist
1 – Pediatrician
1 – Radiologist
1 – Certified Nurse Practitioner

White Pine Care Center
99 bed nursing care faciltiy

White Pine County’s social services includes:
3 Senior citizen centers
Home Health Service Office
RSVP (program to assist citizens who are home bound)
Ely Mental Health Center
Division of Child and Family Services
Ely Substance Abuse Counceling

Additional organizations include: various civic groups, fraternal orders, church and youth organizations, as well as historical, cultural and educational organizations.


Small class sizes, a high degree of personal attention and the opportunity for students to pursue individual areas of interest all contribute to an impressive education system. The White Pine School District has one of the highest graduation rates in the state, (92 percent), and its SAT scores consistently rank among the best in the state.

White Pine School District’s 1994-95 enrollment stands at 2,184 students. Average class size ranges from 16-20 students per teacher. High school vocational training includes drafting (CAD), agriculture, animal care and husbandry (research), carpentry, machine shop and hydroponics (plants). Business education (word processing, accounting, etc.) is also available. High tech courses will also be available soon on the high school level.

A full range of extra-curricular activities include: volleyball, basketball, softball, golf and track for girls, and football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, golf and track for boys. Drama students enjoy performing throughout the year.

Special education programs are available for special needs children. Classes are also offered for the handicapped in conjunction with regular classroom attendance wherever possible including both academic and vocational training.

Adult Education

Adult education classes are offered through White Pine County School District to assist adults in the area receive their high school diploma or GED. Great Basin College has 5 locations in Nevada as well as several other satellite locations.

GBC offers associate and baccalaureate level instruction in career and technical education and academic areas. About 3,800 students are enrolled online from across the country.


Accommodations include: 24 motels totaling nearly 800 rooms; 23 restaurants and 4 casinos. Professional services available including: Real estate agents, accountants, engineers, contractors, legal services, banking and insurance agents.

700 seat convention center, movie theater, Northern Nevada Railroad, Silver State Classic car race, numerous outdoor activities including the annual Rotary Ice Fishing Derby, Fire and Ice show. Boys and Girls club (coming 2017).


White Pine County is home to the new Great Basin National Park. Outdoor enthusiats can hike the hearty trails of Wheeler Peak (13,065 feet) or take the gentle trail to the Bristlecone Forests. You will find plenty of camping, hiking and fishing in the park as well as guided tours through the limestone caverns of Lehman Caves.

Cave Lake State Park, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum and the Ghost Train of Ely offer a variety of local points of interest.

In White Pine County, you’ll find everything from horse shows, county fairs and Arts in the Park to many fun family-oriented holiday events. Also offered is a variety of motorcycle and car races and shows, featuring the Silver State Classic open road car race in May and September.

Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts (EOE) puts on 4 events each year. The Bristlecone Berkebeiner Cross County Ski Race in January, Turkey Vulture 5K in March, Color Me Ely 5K in May,  the Take It To The Lake 1/2 Marathon, 10K and Kids Fun Run in September.

Recreational facilities include:

New Aquatic Center
1 outdoor swimming pool (McGill)
1 3-field softball complex (County)
1 baseball and football field (City)
White Pine Little League
Steptoe Valley Soccer League
1 18-hole golf course
2 tennis courts
Archery and shooting range
Hiking and cross-country ski trails
Mountain biking trails

Community Parks:

Newly remodeled parks in Ely and McGill
4 in Ely
2 in McGill
2 in Ruth


The combined sales tax rate for White Pine County is 7.725%.

The median property tax (also known as real estate tax) in White Pine County is $622.00 per year, based on a median home value of $117,500.00 and a median effective property tax rate of 0.53% of property value.

White Pine County collects very high property taxes, and is among the top 25% of counties in the United States ranked by property tax collections. Of the seventeen counties in Nevada, White Pine County is ranked 15th by median property taxes, and 12th by median tax as percentage of home value.

While White Pine County collects a median of 0.53% of a property’s each year as property tax, the actual amount of property tax collected is lower compared to the rest of Nevada. This is partially because the median property value in White Pine County is lower than the median property value in the State of Nevada.

Property tax is paid to the White Pine County Treasurer. The tax rate is based on actual use, regardless of zoning, valued at Fair Market value of the year preceding. Improvements are based on replacement cost. New less 1 1/2% depreciation per year of actual age to a residual of not less than 25%.

Personal income tax
Estate and/or gift tax
Corporate income tax
Special intangible tax
Income tax
Franchise tax
Capitol stock tax
Chain store tax
Admissions tax
Inventory tax
Inheritance tax

Property taxes on an average home valued at $70,000: $70,000 x 35%* x 3.64 = $891.80.


Major Highways:
US 50 – (W) Carson City/Reno; (E) US 50 to Denver
US 93 – (N) Wendover to Twin Falls; (S) Las Vegas to Phoenix
US 6 – (S) Nevada SR 318 to Tonopah
EIy/Reno – 317 miles
Ely/Las Vegas – 245 miles
Ely/Salt Lake – 238 miles
Airports: Yelland Field – 5 miles north of Ely
Airline: No commercial flights Available
Car Rental: Available
Bus Service: Para-Transit Services and Ely BUSS

Freight Service: Motor Cargo, UPS, Fed-Ex

Who to Contact

Mt. Wheeler Power, 1600 Great Basin Blvd., Ely, NV 89301 (775)289-8981

Suburban Propane (775)289-2901, Thomas Propane (775)729-3774

City of Ely, 480 Campton Street, Ely, NV, (775)289-2430
McGill-Ruth Water and Sewer District, 29 Forth Street, McGill, NV (775)235-7701

School District:
White Pine County School District – (775)289-4851

Washington Federal – (775)289-7900
First National Bank – (775)289-4441
Greater Nevada Credit Union – (775)289-6138
Nevada Bank & Trust – (775)289-8868

Emilee Almberg, Farmers Insurance – (775)296-1304
Tiffany Swetich State Farm – (775)289-9000
Christy Lane Insurance-Financial – (775)289-2889
Dixie Leavitt Agency Allstate Insurance – (775)289-8700

Gianoli-Husbands – (775)289-3050
Ely Legal Complex – (775)289-3380
Kelly C. Brown, Esq. – (775)893-8080

City and County Offices:
County Assessor – (775)293-6542
County Treasurer – (775)293-6506
Economic Development Office – (775)289-3065
Regional Planning Commission – (775)289-3261
City Hall – (775)289-2430
Chamber of Commerce – (775)289-8877

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